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Make a 5 minute friend

Many people are feeling lonely and having trouble dating. They don't want to go to a bar, are afraid of online dating, and they don't know anyone who can 'set them up'. Talking to people has become a lost art form and many are struggling. The solution - learn how to make a 5 minute friend.

Speaking to people has become something we crave, but feel very awkward in doing. Especially since we have had forced isolation and masks between us. It is becoming hard to connect. I suggest you try to speak to strangers in a way that is very normal so that you can practice meeting strangers in a way that is not 'creepy'. Here are some suggestions on how to reconnect in society and not be awkward.

Ask a question

People love to talk about themselves and would love to share with another and connect also but many of us are afraid that we are going to look stupid, and therefore we give up before we even start. You could ask someone about how to cook a certain dish while you are both looking at various vegetables. Ask someone about their dog if you are out walking, or different types of dog food while in the pet section.

Give a genuine Compliment

Find something that you can compliment such as clothes, shoes, hair.... but this must be genuine. This is actually something you should practice with everyone you see. It breeds good will and happiness in the other person as well as yourself.

Ask directions

This can be in a store, in a restaurant, at a gas station. Feeling comfortable with talking to strangers takes time so this is one that will help you just begin to speak with someone you don't know.

Where do you find people?

Speak to people at your job

If you normally do not speak to people but just do your job, this is a good opportunity to begin slowly connecting with someone that you can practice these techniques.

Shop somewhere different

If you normally go to Walmart at 4 pm on Wednesday, go at 8 pm on Friday so you will help to get out of the rut that you have put yourself into. Go to a different store. You will not go through with no thought and will actually have to look around at your surroundings. Perfect opportunity to use one of the first 3 suggestions.

Do something different

Walk around one of the many stores and look at what they are selling. go to Home Depot, or Lowes and wander about the garden area. the key is to take you time and be comfortable around people not just walk in with a mission, purchase your desired wares and go back home to isolation.

Dating at any age is uncomfortable, start out with being a a friend and practicing talking to strangers.

Be Blessed


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